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Some mid-70s R&B and soul

Found these at a “Savers” thrift store recently. Made a few trips there and wasn’t too impressed initially…lots of pretty common, fairly trashed records, and they were $2 a pop (which in thrift store terms is on the high end of things). But this last time I actually found a few nice records in good […]

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Yesterday’s Finds (Zeppelin, Beatles, Goodman, Winding & Koto Music)

Found some pretty cool stuff yesterday. This is actually the first time I’ve come across a Led Zeppelin record or a Beatles record at a thrift store…they don’t pop up too often. As it happened, they also had two copies of Let It Be, but both of them were trashed. This copy of Abbey Road […]

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How Records are Made

If you are interested in these kinds of things, this is a pretty cool look inside the record making process. There are actually a number of YouTube vids on the subject, but I think this is one of the better ones. Just ignore the cheesy background music. Enjoy:

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Genesis – Three Sides Live

Okay, this is cheating a little bit, since I didn’t actually find this Genesis record at a thrift store, but it sure was cheap. This album was not new to me, I’ve been a fan of it for years. I stupidly sold my vinyl copy years ago and got the CD remaster. Kind of a […]

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Modern Classical Music from Australia – Sculthorpe & Le Gallienne

While it’s always exciting to come across that rare, yet familiar, record in the thrift store– the one you’ve had on your list for years– sometimes it’s even more thrilling to discover some new music that comes right out of left field and surprises the heck out of you. So I recently came across this […]

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Dave Letterman’s Record Collection

This was always one of my favorite bits Dave used to do that is unfortunately long gone…but thanks to YouTube we can still enjoy the old ones. Would love to get a copy of that New York Taxi Driver record at 3:14! Happy Friday everyone!

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It Never Hurts to Ask

Wow…had a GREAT score at a local thrift shop yesterday. This is a little place off the beaten path that I remembered going to a few years back but hadn’t been to in a while. When I went in I saw they had CDs, but no LPs that I could find. I grabbed one CD […]

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A Pair of Classics: Fleetwood Mac & Huey Lewis

Though in recent years my tastes have gravitated to the more obscure, I’m still a fan of good ‘ol 70s & 80s rock, yessiree…Especially when I find two gems like these in great condition. Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours and Sports from Huey Lewis and the News. I didn’t actually own any albums by Fleetwood Mac OR […]

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Cleaning Records on a Budget

This will be a controversial post. Why? A lot of vinyl diehards swear by their record cleaning machines and will argue that I should buy one of those. And to be fair, because I’ve never owned a record cleaning machine, I can’t really tell you how the method I’m about to share with you stacks […]

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A failed attempt at (getting) Tchaikovsky’s 6th

In my travels I’ve been finding more and more old classical LPs on great labels like Columbia Masterworks and RCA Victor, many in excellent shape. Seems like classical music lovers were more apt to take good care of their records than the Mitch Miller fans. Kinda makes sense. Well, I got pretty excited about finding […]

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