These pages document the mad adventures of someone who, frankly, has too much time on his hands. Oh, and you’ll also find info on record collecting, particularly in terms of finding some great LPs in thrift stores, pawn shops and the like. Occasionally, some good records do pop up in between the usual beat-up copies of Mantovani, Ray Conniff, and Sing Along with Mitch albums. This blog is about those happy moments.

I’ll also share some info here and there about record care, gear, album covers, etc…anything that may be of interest to a crazy record collector-type like yourself. Yes, we are all insane.

Hope you enjoy the blog, and please contact me with your feedback!


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  1. Mr.E says:

    Another thrift store LP seeker here (off and on for about 7 years now…? I forget). Sounds like you see the same beat up titles that I see here. Don’t forget the Herb Alpert! LOL.

    Although they’re usually cheap, over the years, I’ve had to toss or give back a few boxes worth due to groove damage, noisy pressing, not playing well in general. Still, I have lots of fun with this hobby and enjoy listening to my purchases.

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, the thing is that when you’re paying a buck or less per record, it’s okay if you get a few stinkers here and there. I’ve definitely had my share…and I try to be fairly picky in terms of what I grab. But the good stuff far outnumbers the bad so far for me, in terms of what I’ve had to trash.

  2. Al says:

    hey man. very cool site. i too have a similar blog and am in the process of starting a podcast of music i like. my blog focuses on vinyl scores in dollar bins, thrift stores, etc. its new but i have a ton of stuff to review so i am hoping to post a lot in the beginning.

    check it out if you have time.


    i threw a link up to your site. i think its great.

    all the best and happy digging,


    • Tim says:

      Hey Al, thanks for the comment, the link, and the heads up on your blog! Checked it out and I love it. That Golden Avatar LP looks interesting to me, it’s crossed my path several times on the web before, but haven’t yet seen it “in person”.

      I put up a link to your site too. Keep up the great work, keep blogging!


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