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What Goes Around… (LPs Still Spinning After 60 Years!)

Recently came across this video on YouTube. It’s from a couple of years back (2008) and there’s obviously been a slew of attention in the media since that time, given to the “vinyl renaissance”, so already this (oddly) seems a bit out of date. By now it’s fairly common knowledge that LPs, while still a […]

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Rare Record Collecting in the UK

Just came across this today on the ‘Tube and found it highly entertaining. This dates back to 1990 and clearly a lot has happened in the last 21 years! I love the guy they interview at the record show, right around the one minute mark. He seems rather proud of his 4000-LP collection! This is […]

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Henry Rollins Waxes Poetic About Vinyl

I have a lot of respect for Henry Rollins. I’m a big fan of his music and spoken word stuff too. A friend lent me one of his spoken word tapes many years ago, along with Weight, which is to this day my favorite Rollins Band album, and one of my favorite albums ever. Henry […]

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How Records are Made

If you are interested in these kinds of things, this is a pretty cool look inside the record making process. There are actually a number of YouTube vids on the subject, but I think this is one of the better ones. Just ignore the cheesy background music. Enjoy:

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Cleaning Records on a Budget

This will be a controversial post. Why? A lot of vinyl diehards swear by their record cleaning machines and will argue that I should buy one of those. And to be fair, because I’ve never owned a record cleaning machine, I can’t really tell you how the method I’m about to share with you stacks […]

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