Lucky Dube – Trinity

Lucky Dube - TrinitySome days you get lucky and find a CD or LP that you’ve been looking for forever…other days you come across something that you know nothing about, but are willing to take the risk for $1 or $2. This CD falls into the latter category for me. I’ve certainly heard of Lucky Dube, and I’m sure Trinity has crossed my path before, but I really didn’t know what to expect on this one (apart from expecting a little reggae). Picked it up at a local thrift just to try it.

My first reaction when I put it on was a bit mixed, probably because I usually like my reggae more on the “raw” side in terms of production and musical content, while this one is a fairly heavily-produced product with a more modern sound. And it leans strongly towards pop and gospel. Probably should have expected this to some degree, just from looking at the booklet.

Having said that, this has definitely got some compelling tunes on it, and some nice grooves. My favorites after one listen are “My Brother, My Enemy”, “Life in the Movies”, and “God Bless the Women”. Judging from the Amazon reviews, people seem to love this CD. I can definitely appreciate it, but at first listen I’m not sure it’s my taste. Will give it some time and see if it grows on me.

The Verdict: Mixed but good
My Cost: $1.99

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