Play Records in Your Car!

You know you’ve wondered about it…why don’t they make turntables for your car? Well, they did, actually. But I suppose it’s not surprising that this idea never really caught on.

I just came across this video on YouTube and it’s the first time I’ve been able to see one of these babies in action. It’s really pretty interesting to see how it works– the needle tracks upside down(!), and when one record finishes, it drops down so the next one is ready to go at the bottom of the pile. Of course this will only play 45s…no LPs here!

I always figured there’s no way these things can actually work while you’re driving, the needle would be going absolutely crazy. You would think…but the person who uploaded this claims it’s “never skipped while driving!” Still, I’ll bet you anything he avoids the potholes.

Here’s the video:

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  1. plumnbagel says:

    In his autobiography, Keith Richards talks about feeding 45s into a machine something like this while Brian Jones and his girlfriend were fighting. That’s a really good book if you ever venture into the used book section of the thrift store 🙂

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