What Goes Around… (LPs Still Spinning After 60 Years!)

Vinyl LP RecordsRecently came across this video on YouTube. It’s from a couple of years back (2008) and there’s obviously been a slew of attention in the media since that time, given to the “vinyl renaissance”, so already this (oddly) seems a bit out of date. By now it’s fairly common knowledge that LPs, while still a small percentage of the overall music-buying picture, are growing in popularity, while CDs continue to fall. Interesting to think how much has changed though, even since 2008: at one point in the video the interviewer mentions the fact that you don’t exactly see records in a lot of stores, yet in 2011 it seems nearly all of the smaller stores are carrying more vinyl, and some of the bigger chains like Best Buy and FYE have adopted it too.

I love finding stuff in the thrift store, and generally buying used, but I have to admit there is still that thrill of buying a brand-spankin’ new LP…providing, that is, that the sound is good. But that’s a whole other discussion!


(No embedding allowed on this particular video, so you’ll have to watch it at YouTube.)

By the way, more thrift finds to come soon…been too busy to update this blog much in the last few months, but there IS more to come!

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