A Pair of Classics: Fleetwood Mac & Huey Lewis

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours & Huey Lewis - SportsThough in recent years my tastes have gravitated to the more obscure, I’m still a fan of good ‘ol 70s & 80s rock, yessiree…Especially when I find two gems like these in great condition. Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours and Sports from Huey Lewis and the News. I didn’t actually own any albums by Fleetwood Mac OR Huey Lewis before I bought these, though of course I knew all the hits. Hang on, I take that back…I did have a CD of early Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green, but that’s really a completely different band, isn’t it? Anyway, I found these two at the Goodwill for 99ยข a piece and both of them were in really nice shape. The only reason I’m posting about them at the same time is because I bought them at the same time…I can’t really make a case for any other kind of connection between them, except for the fact that both were huge albums at the time and are loaded with hits. Rumours is of course brilliant, and has most of my favorite Fleetwood Mac on it, only missing “Say You Love Me” and “Hold Me” which I’ve now got in the dreaded MP3 format (sorry, I’ll try not to mention MP3s too much on this blog if I can help it!). The Huey Lewis record does a bit less for me, but it’s still good fun. I always liked “I Want a New Drug.”

All in all I was happy to find these. Of course both are very common records and probably pop up in thrift stores a fair amount, but when they do they’re usually pretty trashed. These are quite clean and sound fantastic– I’m a happy camper.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: $1.98 for both

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2 Responses to A Pair of Classics: Fleetwood Mac & Huey Lewis

  1. Mr.E says:

    Ha, I think I have 3 copies of Huey Lewis Sports! It’s a fun album and I recently saw a clean copy at the thrift store, but, had to stop myself at 3 copies.

    I think I have 3 thrift copies of Rumours also… two Palm Tree labels and an older label (cream color WB label with WB shield logo). The latter sounds dark… probably my favorite one of the 3. Of course the new 2-45rpm. remaster LP will likely be the definitive version to own. I’m torn between buying that or a bunch of thrift store LPs (choices, choices).

  2. Tim says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard that the 45rpm version is amazing. This one sounds good enough for me though…if I was a diehard fan I might spring for the 45.

    Sports really is a fun album…it’s amazing how many hits those guys had “back in the day” but people seem to have almost forgotten about them now.

    Thanks for all your comments!

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