Don Adams – Get Smart

Don Adams - Get SmartI used to be a big fan of this show. As a kid I watched more than my share of Get Smart reruns, and still make references to the shoe phone and the cone of silence. Surprisingly, most people seem to know what I’m talking about. I guess that’s a testament to the popularity of the show!

I came across this record in the Goodwill not too long ago and figured I had to pick it up, just for the novelty & nostalgia of it. Wasn’t actually sure what to expect…I didn’t read the liner notes carefully, just grabbed it and put it in the pile. Turns out it’s basically a collection of bits from the show, with Don Adams linking them together (in character, of course) via an unrelated story. Sort of like when they would do those “greatest hits” type shows on sitcoms when the cast would gather together, remember old times, and then play the clips from previous shows. Of course in this case, you get only the audio. It actually works pretty well for most of them…the clips all make sense without the visuals and you can even see how this might have worked as a radio show. Still, I ultimately missed seeing the facial expressions of Adams and the rest of the cast.

So, this one will probably end up on Ebay…not really worth another listen. That’s okay though, it was still fun hearing some of it again.

The Verdict: missed it by that much
My Cost: 99ยข

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