Genesis – Three Sides Live

Genesis - Three Sides LiveOkay, this is cheating a little bit, since I didn’t actually find this Genesis record at a thrift store, but it sure was cheap. This album was not new to me, I’ve been a fan of it for years. I stupidly sold my vinyl copy years ago and got the CD remaster. Kind of a mistake. The remaster doesn’t sound particularly good, and it also has the UK version of the album, which is actually “Four Sides Live”…instead of a 4th side consisting of studio tracks, there’s additional live material. While I do like the extra live stuff a lot, I also miss having the studio songs. So the point is I was psyched to find this for $2, in mint, and I mean mint condition. This thing sounds beautiful, with virtually no pops or crackles. No, the sleeve is not exactly mint, but I can live with that for a record that sounds like it’s never been played.

Of the live material, the “In the Cage/Cinema Show/Slippermen/Afterglow” medley is just stunning…I could listen to it all day. Phil and Chester Thompson kick some serious butt when they are both playing drums simultaneously. The energy on that track is absolutely through the roof. On the studio end of things, I was always a particularly big fan of “Paperlate”, which has always sounded to me like “No Reply at All” part 2…but that’s a good thing.

A mint copy of one of my favorite double live LPs for $2? Yeah, I’ll take that.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: $2

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