Joan Armatrading – Show Some Emotion

Joan Armatrading - Show Some EmotionI’ve been vaguely familiar with Joan Armatrading for years– in fact, she was one of those artists who I had been hearing on the radio since I was a kid, but I never knew it was her. Songs like “Drop the Pilot” and “(I Love it When You) Call Me Names” popped up pretty frequently. When my wife and I first got together and I was getting familiar with her music collection, I put in Joan’s Greatest Hits CD and was surprised to find I knew so many of the songs. Anyway, about 6 months ago, we went to see her at a local venue and were absolutely blown away. Being a novice/casual fan I had no idea what an incredible guitarist she was. And she had a great way with the audience too. Without a doubt one of the best shows I’ve seen.

Several months later, I found this record (Show Some Emotion) at a local thrift. It looked pretty darn dirty, had a ton of funky looking schmutz on it…but I thought, what the hell, I can probably clean it. After using the famous sink cleaning method I’m happy to report the LP sounds great. Some light background noise here and there, but the music shines through. What a great record…apart from the title track and “Willow”, the only two songs here that I knew, the other cuts are stunners too. In fact there’s not a bad track on here. I love that the songs take such interesting twists and turns. Joan’s voice and guitar work is fantastic, and she always seems to surround herself with equally amazing musicians. This record is gonna be getting a lot of play.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: 25ยข

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