Marion Brown – Afternoon of a Georgia Faun

Marion Brown - Afternoon of a Georgia FaunI had actually been on the lookout for this record for some time. I had heard it many years ago and really enjoyed it. If you are familiar with the musical experiments of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) out of Chicago, you would enjoy this record too. The tunes are pretty sparse, lots of open space and percussion instruments, and free improvisation. But this 1970 session is far from your “typical” free jazz affair– if you think of free jazz as a lot of dissonant squawking. Beautiful, spacious music lies within. This is music to listen to late at night in a quiet house. The cast of musicians here is stunning too: in addition to the great Marion Brown on woodwinds and percussion, we have Chick Corea, Anthony Braxton, Andrew Cyrille, Bennie Maupin, and Jeanne Lee, among others.

Sadly, Marion Brown passed away last fall. And strangely, I stumbled upon this record the week after his death, in a thrift store literally around the corner from my house. It was amazing enough to me that it was there in the first place, but when I opened it, I was also surprised to find that it was an original German pressing, in excellent condition. Because there is so much silence on this record, having a clean copy is pretty important. There is one spot with a tiny scratch that’s a little rough, but apart from that it sounds great and the outstanding music shines through.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: $1.00

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