Modern Classical Music from Australia – Sculthorpe & Le Gallienne

Peter Sculthorpe & Dorian Le Gallienne - New Music from AustraliaWhile it’s always exciting to come across that rare, yet familiar, record in the thrift store– the one you’ve had on your list for years– sometimes it’s even more thrilling to discover some new music that comes right out of left field and surprises the heck out of you. So I recently came across this record with pieces by two composers I had never heard of before. I was immediately drawn to the cover artwork, and the titles intrigued me. It didn’t hurt to find that the LP was in beautiful condition. I’ve just played it and it’s extremely quiet, with scarcely a pop or a click to be found.

Sun Music I from Peter Sculthorpe presents eerie, dissonant chords punctuated by low-frequency accents. This is cinematic music. It’s so powerful that it immediately lends itself to visual interpretation and conjures up images in the mind. Irkanda IV features violinist Leonard Dommett. It begins slowly and ominously, giving way at times to moments of brighter colors, angular lines and more movement. Dorian Le Gallienne’s Sinfonietta on first listen appears to be a bit more traditional, at least in structure, but quickly reveals its more modern harmonic vocabulary. A fascinating piece. I’ve only just listened to this record once through but I’m already looking forward to listening a few more times to really take it in.

Now I need to go Google these composers and see what else I can find! By the way, I hope classical music experts will excuse my amateurish attempts to describe the music, I’m doing the best I can. But I know what I like, and I like this!

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: $1.00

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