Retrospective – The Best of Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield - RetrospectiveBuffalo Springfield is one of those bands that was off my radar screen for way too long…a good friend of mine is a big fan of theirs, and after reconnecting with him recently and talking music, I got excited to check out some of their stuff. Of course I’ve been aware of them forever, and years ago I borrowed Buffalo Springfield Again from this same friend and really dug it. Part of my interest was because my favorite band, Yes, covered the Steven Stills tune “Everydays” from that album and I had never heard the original. Sadly that tune isn’t on this compilation, but several others from that album are, including “Mr. Soul” which has since become a personal favorite. And of course it has the classic “For What It’s Worth” which still sounds fresh to me even though I’ve probably heard it hundreds of times.

This is a really nice sounding slab of vinyl. Yes, it’s a pretty common LP, but I didn’t have it and was pretty psyched to find it…in great condition, for 50¢ no less. How can you argue with that?

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: 50¢

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