Simon & Garfunkel – Sounds of Silence (MONO!)

Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of SilenceA while back, I had been reading on the Steve Hoffman Music Forums about some of the mono versions of the Simon & Garfunkel LPs (Bookends is supposed to sound particularly amazing), so when I came upon this one in a Goodwill I had to grab it. Condition looked a little rough, but what the heck…for 99 cents what did I have to lose? Well, after a good cleaning it still sounds fairly crackly, but no matter…the music is of course amazing and the sound SO good that it’s a real treat to listen to even with the background noise. The clicks and pops are certainly not enough to distract from the real magic held within the grooves. I’m not enough of a Simon & Garfunkel expert to know the exact differences between the mono mix and stereo mix on this one, but there are certain songs on here that sound better to me on this LP than I’ve heard them before– particularly the title cut and “I Am A Rock”. Actually, there a bunch of songs on this record that I didn’t know before (I know, sacrilege!). Apart from the greatest hits album, I guess the ones I always knew best were Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and Bookends. Somehow this album was less familiar to me.

Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence MONO labelI also picked this up thinking it might be worth a few bucks, but apparently not so. I’ve seen copies on eBay for pretty low money. So if you can’t find it at your local thrift, browse around on the ‘bay and I’m sure you can come up with one. I’m definitely very happy with mine, crackles and all.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: 99ยข

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