Spiritual Jazz from ’74: Michael White and Norman Connors

Michael White - The Land of Spirit and Land & Norman Connors - Love From the SunBoy, this was a great find…and at a place that seemed to have little to offer for quite some time. To browse the vinyl at this particular thrift shop, you need get down, and I mean DOWN on the ground and dig through a nasty pile of mostly grimy and moldy records. But I keep doing it. Why? Because suddenly, one day you look through and there are a couple of nice records like these.

Avant-garde/black/soul/spiritual jazz from the 60s and 70s rocks my world…I love this stuff. To be honest though, I wasn’t all that familiar with Michael White‘s The Land of Spirit and Light. Apparently it’s considered a classic, and is a pretty rare LP to boot. When I came across this one I did recognize the name and of course right away saw that it was on Impulse Records— that was enough for me, before I even saw that the lineup included Prince Lasha and Cecil McBee. Then I saw the Norman Connors record (Love From The Sun) and was really psyched…I had actually been looking for this one. Heard a cut from it online (called “Holy Waters”, featuring vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater) and it blew me away. At the time there was actually no indication of what the track was or who it was, so I bugged a bunch of people at the Organissimo jazz forums and they told me it was this album (THANK YOU!!). This all literally happened a week before going into the thrift store and coming across this record…amazing. Man, I love this album. Check out the band!… apart from Dee Dee on vocals, there’s Carlos Garnett and Gary Bartz on saxophones, Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Hubert Laws on flute, Herbie Hancock on piano, Buster Williams on bass and of course Norman on drums.

Clearly both of these records were part of the same collection. I wish there was more, but hell, I’ll settle for these! Funny thing that they are both from 1974 too. And now I will continue to go back to this thrift store and browse through their grimy pile of LPs that rarely changes, just so I can be there when that next great find finally comes in.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: 50ยข for BOTH!

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