The latest batch of records (and they smell good too!)

My cat smells recordsCame home with some pretty decent stuff from the Goodwill yesterday. It was exciting just because I haven’t had any luck in a while, so I was happy to find anything that looked remotely interesting. My cat likes them too, she was smelling them all afternoon. I’m gonna take that as a good sign and not a bad one…I don’t really want to know what it is that she’s smelling… Anyway, too early to tell how I really made out this time, as some of these are a little dinged up and I really have to play them and check ’em out. But the classical LPs all look like they’re in great shape. That’s pretty much par for the course at this point– the odds of finding a Who record in excellent condition are obviously much less than finding a clean copy of a Bartok LP.

Here was the total haul:

  • The Who – Who’s Next (orig. Decca US)
  • Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells a Story (red label Mercury US)
  • Grant Johannesen Plays Poulenc (Golden Crest Records)
  • The Beaux Arts Trio – Brahms Piano Trios Complete (Philips 2LP)
  • The Grass Roots – Golden Grass (ABC/Dunhill)
  • Jon Gailmor – Dirt! (Philo)
  • Carl Weinrich – J.S. Bach Trio Sonatas and Trios (Westminster 3LP…I actually grabbed this just because I thought the packaging was really cool)
  • Isaac Stern/Leonard Rose/Bruno Walter – Brahms: Double Concerto, etc. (Columbia Masterworks mono 6-eye)
  • Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose – (s/t) (United Artists)
  • Beveridge Webster – Piano Music of Stravinsky (Dover 2LP)
  • Richard Austin – Bartok: Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion (Westminster mono)
  • Leonid Kogan/Pierre Monteux – Khachaturian Violin Concerto, Saint-Saens: Havanaise (RCA Victor “Advance Copy”!)

The Who, Grass Roots, Bartok, Stravinsky, Rod Stewart, etc.I have a pretty large backlog of stuff now, but will try to throw on some of these soon and post more thoughts as they come up. I did actually start listening to the Who record, and it’s pretty crackly, but sound quality is really good so maybe a thorough cleaning will help it out. And there’s a lot of classical music here that is new to me…I’m really looking forward to checking it out, but it will take some time…

The Verdict: Too early to tell
My Cost: $11.88 for all 12

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  1. Tim says:

    A slight correction/clarification…according to some folks over on the Steve Hoffman Forums, this copy of Who’s Next is NOT the first pressing. It’s possible that it’s an early record club pressing.

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