Further frustration at the thrifts

The Beatles - Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever (the one that got away!)It does appear that spring is here. People are cleaning out their attics and more stuff is finding its way to the thrifts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’ve found anything good! A few really close calls though.

The most frustrating one was yesterday, hit a thrift store around the corner from me and saw that they had a small case of 45s. The one in front was an original Monkees picture sleeve, and behind that, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Beatles picture sleeves (including the “Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields” one pictured here)! But of course…no records inside!! Agggh. There were some loose 45s in the case without sleeves and I flipped through them feverishly, hoping that one or two would match up with the Beatles sleeves, but no such luck. And then to make myself feel even worse I got on Ebay and found those same singles going for $50-100 a piece. Gah.

The same store also had a new crate of stuff that looked pretty promising, but ultimately nothing that floated my boat. Lots of classic rock: Eagles, Marshall Tucker Band, Eric Clapton, Ten Years After… I’m just not really a fan of these bands. But it was so close, I just kept thinking the next one in the bin would be something appealing. Wasn’t meant to be though.

Well, I’m still feeling positive…things are happening and I’m gonna keep at it, hoping I’ll run into something good soon.

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3 Responses to Further frustration at the thrifts

  1. Michael says:

    Found your web blog through Stumbleupon. You already know I am signing up to your rss.

  2. plumnbagel says:

    It looks like you bought the empty sleeves, though, which I would consider a major cool find. I know what pretty much any Beatles single sounds like, but it’s cool knowing what they LOOKED like too.

    • Tim says:

      Whoops, you know what, I actually didn’t buy the sleeves! That’s just a photo I found on the web of that particular one. I agree that the sleeves look cool and that’s really the attraction. But I did find something on another site about this particular mix of Penny Lane actually being a unique one…so musically there would be something interesting there too! I’m not a Beatles expert by any means so if I’m mistaken about this I’m sure someone will correct me.

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