Yesterday’s Finds (Zeppelin, Beatles, Goodman, Winding & Koto Music)

Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Benny Goodman, Kai Winding, Japanese Koto MusicFound some pretty cool stuff yesterday. This is actually the first time I’ve come across a Led Zeppelin record or a Beatles record at a thrift store…they don’t pop up too often. As it happened, they also had two copies of Let It Be, but both of them were trashed. This copy of Abbey Road (which appears to be a US pressing from the 70s) is a little on the grungy side and has some light scratches, but I’m hoping that a good old-fashioned kitchen sink record cleaning will help it out. The Zeppelin, on the other hand, looks like it’s in beautiful shape, and is also an early (1st?) US pressing– with the original 1841 Broadway address for Atlantic Records on the label. AND…”Porky” in the deadwax, which is a good sign. This means it was mastered by George “Porky” Peckham, who has been responsible for some amazing-sounding records over the years.

Of the other three, the Benny Goodman and the Kai Winding looked to me like they might be worth something– they’re not. That’s probably the primary reason I picked them up, but I plan to check them out and see how they sound. The Classical Japanese Koto Music LP was for my own interest, and is in fact the only one of these I’ve put on so far– just for a second– and it sounds like something I’m gonna enjoy.

The Verdict: SCORE!
My Cost: 99ยข x 5 = $4.95

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5 Responses to Yesterday’s Finds (Zeppelin, Beatles, Goodman, Winding & Koto Music)

  1. Tim says:

    I completely forgot one of the best things about this particular thrift store trip– the nutty guy in the next aisle who was questioning everyone about Nintendo cartridges, including me. In a thick Irish brogue, he asked everyone who came near whether they thought they were worth anything, how many of them should he buy, etc. Some kind soul was offering advice on how he could get them all into his cart, after which I heard the cartridges crash to the floor as the man screamed “motherfucker!!” ๐Ÿ˜€

    • henryflowr says:

      Good score! That Benny Goodman looks like it might be a six-eye; if it’s not electronically-reprocessed, the sound quality might be pretty fine. And Kai Winding did some nice bop records as well as some loungier stuff; keep your eyes out for any of the Jay and Kai records with J. J. Johnson.

      Loving the blog.

  2. Tim says:

    You’ve got me excited about that record now…yes, it is a six-eye, and I know a lot of these old Columbia LPs can sound pretty amazing. Also never looked at the personnel until just now…Barney Kessel, Milt Hinton, Buster Cooper…this could be a winner. ๐Ÿ™‚ Problem is my backlog of stuff to listen to! Hope to get to it soon.

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. plumnbagel says:

    Nice finds! I often wonder how there can be dozens of Andre Kostelanetz or Andy Williams records at any thrift store I go to, but there’s never any Led Zeppelin? I wonder what the ratio of Pink Floyd to Mel Tillis sales was, and yet you never see a “Dark Side of the Moon” record? The only think I can think of is that thrift store records must be the unwanted estate of someone who’s gone to the great cutout bin in the sky, and either the kids must be keeping the recognizable records for themselves, or the Led Zeppelin generation has yet to shuffle off the mortal coil.

    • Tim says:

      Well, I think the answer is simple…the Zeppelin and Floyd records are good, and the others aren’t! ๐Ÿ˜€ I also wonder how much stuff is picked clean before it even gets out to the shelves. I did actually one of the guys at the Goodwill about this, and he claimed that they had a “24-hour” rule, that nobody who worked at the store could grab anything until it had been out for 24 hours. I dunno though, I’m sure people find their way around that…

      It is tough though, you end up wading through a cesspool of filth and crap in order to get to those one or two good records (if there are any at all). But it’s still fun, I guess…it must be, or I wouldn’t be doing this blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

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