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Lucky Dube – Trinity

Some days you get lucky and find a CD or LP that you’ve been looking for forever…other days you come across something that you know nothing about, but are willing to take the risk for $1 or $2. This CD falls into the latter category for me. I’ve certainly heard of Lucky Dube, and I’m […]

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Thomas Dolby – The Golden Age of Wireless

Came upon this CD in a local thrift awhile back. Immediately noticed it was an early West German pressing and that it was in terrific condition. Autobuy! And of course, the price was right, as it always is in the thrift shops. I’m not terribly familiar with Thomas Dolby, apart from “She Blinded Me With […]

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Yes Remixes (CD)

Okay, here goes…this is officially the first “CD find” I’m listing here. Found this one at a local Goodwill last week. So, first a disclaimer: I am a crazy Yes fan. I’ve been listening to them for about 30 years, have been to 20 shows, have all the albums, videos, etc. etc…. You wouldn’t know […]

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Vinyl vs. CD

Often the mere mention of the words “Vinyl vs. CD” sends people into epileptic fits, causing an endless, raging debate that will continue until the involved parties are even angrier. People on both sides present various “facts” and “opinions” even as the line between both of those things blurs until it is totally nonexistent. In […]

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