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Beethoven’s Third (Second Time Around)

This was a happy find for me. I’d come across a copy of this record before, but sold it off in a lot of classical LPs and realized afterwards I had made a big mistake. For a short bit I was reselling some things on Ebay, which is tricky for me because sometimes I would […]

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Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition

Found this LP of Mussorgsky‘s Pictures at an Exhibition at a Goodwill last week. Honestly, what sealed the deal for me on this record was the cover. Amazing! I do love this piece though. Was skeptical about whether this would be a good rendition, but in fact it sounds very good. This was recorded by […]

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The latest batch of records (and they smell good too!)

Came home with some pretty decent stuff from the Goodwill yesterday. It was exciting just because I haven’t had any luck in a while, so I was happy to find anything that looked remotely interesting. My cat likes them too, she was smelling them all afternoon. I’m gonna take that as a good sign and […]

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Modern Classical Music from Australia – Sculthorpe & Le Gallienne

While it’s always exciting to come across that rare, yet familiar, record in the thrift store– the one you’ve had on your list for years– sometimes it’s even more thrilling to discover some new music that comes right out of left field and surprises the heck out of you. So I recently came across this […]

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A failed attempt at (getting) Tchaikovsky’s 6th

In my travels I’ve been finding more and more old classical LPs on great labels like Columbia Masterworks and RCA Victor, many in excellent shape. Seems like classical music lovers were more apt to take good care of their records than the Mitch Miller fans. Kinda makes sense. Well, I got pretty excited about finding […]

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