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Spiritual Jazz from ’74: Michael White and Norman Connors

Boy, this was a great find…and at a place that seemed to have little to offer for quite some time. To browse the vinyl at this particular thrift shop, you need get down, and I mean DOWN on the ground and dig through a nasty pile of mostly grimy and moldy records. But I keep […]

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Yesterday’s Finds (Zeppelin, Beatles, Goodman, Winding & Koto Music)

Found some pretty cool stuff yesterday. This is actually the first time I’ve come across a Led Zeppelin record or a Beatles record at a thrift store…they don’t pop up too often. As it happened, they also had two copies of Let It Be, but both of them were trashed. This copy of Abbey Road […]

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It Never Hurts to Ask

Wow…had a GREAT score at a local thrift shop yesterday. This is a little place off the beaten path that I remembered going to a few years back but hadn’t been to in a while. When I went in I saw they had CDs, but no LPs that I could find. I grabbed one CD […]

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Marion Brown – Afternoon of a Georgia Faun

I had actually been on the lookout for this record for some time. I had heard it many years ago and really enjoyed it. If you are familiar with the musical experiments of the AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians) out of Chicago, you would enjoy this record too. The tunes are pretty […]

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