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Play Records in Your Car!

You know you’ve wondered about it…why don’t they make turntables for your car? Well, they did, actually. But I suppose it’s not surprising that this idea never really caught on. I just came across this video on YouTube and it’s the first time I’ve been able to see one of these babies in action. It’s […]

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Beethoven’s Third (Second Time Around)

This was a happy find for me. I’d come across a copy of this record before, but sold it off in a lot of classical LPs and realized afterwards I had made a big mistake. For a short bit I was reselling some things on Ebay, which is tricky for me because sometimes I would […]

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Bob & Ron’s Record Club!

Well, have I got a treat for you, fellow record lovers…I recently came across this outstanding podcast and had to share it with you all. If you’re a fan of 70s rock radio, and of course records, you will dig this show. Bob & Ron have got it goin’ on! These guys play the good […]

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Don Adams – Get Smart

I used to be a big fan of this show. As a kid I watched more than my share of Get Smart reruns, and still make references to the shoe phone and the cone of silence. Surprisingly, most people seem to know what I’m talking about. I guess that’s a testament to the popularity of […]

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What Goes Around… (LPs Still Spinning After 60 Years!)

Recently came across this video on YouTube. It’s from a couple of years back (2008) and there’s obviously been a slew of attention in the media since that time, given to the “vinyl renaissance”, so already this (oddly) seems a bit out of date. By now it’s fairly common knowledge that LPs, while still a […]

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Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition

Found this LP of Mussorgsky‘s Pictures at an Exhibition at a Goodwill last week. Honestly, what sealed the deal for me on this record was the cover. Amazing! I do love this piece though. Was skeptical about whether this would be a good rendition, but in fact it sounds very good. This was recorded by […]

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Further frustration at the thrifts

It does appear that spring is here. People are cleaning out their attics and more stuff is finding its way to the thrifts. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’ve found anything good! A few really close calls though. The most frustrating one was yesterday, hit a thrift store around the corner from me and saw that […]

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Earth, Wind & Fire – Gratitude

File this one under…”Where the hell have I been?” Wow. Not only am I amazed that I never heard this entire record before, I’m amazed that I’m admitting it here! It’s true though. I’ve liked Earth, Wind & Fire for a long time but somehow this, one of their biggest albums ever, slipped through the […]

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Vinyl vs. CD

Often the mere mention of the words “Vinyl vs. CD” sends people into epileptic fits, causing an endless, raging debate that will continue until the involved parties are even angrier. People on both sides present various “facts” and “opinions” even as the line between both of those things blurs until it is totally nonexistent. In […]

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