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Earth, Wind & Fire – Gratitude

File this one under…”Where the hell have I been?” Wow. Not only am I amazed that I never heard this entire record before, I’m amazed that I’m admitting it here! It’s true though. I’ve liked Earth, Wind & Fire for a long time but somehow this, one of their biggest albums ever, slipped through the […]

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Sixties Hits, brought to you by WRKO Boston

I came upon this one in a Goodwill awhile back. Honestly what first struck me was the WRKO in the title. I grew up in the Boston area and remember my parents listening to ‘RKO a whole lot. Back then they were mostly a music station, but after 1981 they switched to all talk. Here’s […]

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Some mid-70s R&B and soul

Found these at a “Savers” thrift store recently. Made a few trips there and wasn’t too impressed initially…lots of pretty common, fairly trashed records, and they were $2 a pop (which in thrift store terms is on the high end of things). But this last time I actually found a few nice records in good […]

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